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A range of workshops for all Startup needs. You can see examples below, if you want more information on the topics we cover.


One-to-one mentorship from experienced entrerpeneurs. Contact us, if you want to find the right mentor for your business needs. I am certain we will find the right person for you.

Acceleration programs

Comprehensive programs for early stage startups. Our acceleration programs are currently used in UK Universities for their second or third year students.



Opportunities to meet partners, cofounders, clients, mentors, investors. We announce those on Meetup and Eventbrite. We run regular events in Coventry, Leicester, Birmingham and Athens (Greece).


Mastermind groups

Peer support. These are local groups that we organise in the Midlands. Contact us and we will place you in one of them, whenever there is space available.


Investability programs

Customised programs for later stage startups who seek investment. We provide individual support for those who wish to prepare their startup and get introduced to investors.




12 hours


This is the Startdoms Launchpad for innovative products. The workshop is a hands on experience that lasts 12 hours. The startups the basic lean principles and have the chance to apply them. They conduct thorough customer development, find out more about their business and pitch in front of investors.



48 hours

Startdoms Weekend

This is a thorough workshop that lasts an entire weekend. The startups are expected to work on their business from Friday at 18:00 until Sunday 18:00. They are guided through the process of launching the business, creating and MVP, finding the customers and pitching to investors.



12 hours


This is a workshop for startups who seek investment and want to prepare their material for submission. We take them through the different investment avenues and what is required of them. We teach them how to create a pitch, an executive summary and a business plan.



8 hours

Growth Hacking

This is an advanced specialised workshop for B2C tech startups who want to grow and scale their operations. It teaches them how to use growth hacking techniques to enhance their digital marketing. There is a focus on analytics and how these can change the digital marketing strategy.



6 hours

Customer Development

This is a workshop that teaches early stage startups how to find their customers. It emphasizes on customer development techniques, personal interviews and the assessment of analytics. This is a hands on experience with live interviews for each business.



10 hours

Social Media

Social Media remains at the core of any online marketing campaign. This is a workshop that gives startups the opportunity to craft their individual strategy. Then we teach them how to use the right platforms, how to build a campaing and how to convert the public into paid customers



6 hours


We help early stage B2B startups learn how to use Linkedin in order to sell their products or services. We (re) build their profile, show them how to approach new prospects, teach them how to write their messages and articles. In the end, they are ready to use this extremely valuable channel.



8 hours

Side Hustles

There are many individuals who want to start a business as a side hustle; that is, while they still hold a full time job. With this workshop we give them invaluable advice on how to identify the right opportunity, how to manage their time and money, how to launch and how to monetise their services.

Why choose Startdoms


Rapid Results

We ensure that you will see almost immediate results in your startup. We will set specific targets that you will be asked to meet.

Cutting edge knowledge

We follow the latest developments in business development and we make certain that we disseminate this knowledge to you. Also, you will always find us up to date with technological advancements.

Ongoing Support

We take personal interest into your business. So, the our support does not end when our tailored programs are finished. We make certain that we will follow your progress in the future too.

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