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Premium Accelerator - 6 Week Program

Speed up your startup!

6 week acceleration program

This program is addressing the needs of those startups who want to validate their business idea and start building their business.

We are offering a 6-week intensive acceleration program that will help you hit the ground running. So, if you are determined to accelerate your startup this month, contact us immediately. You can start at any time.

In 6 weeks you will receive intense training and experienced mentorship from successful entrepreneurs. You will also get the chance to build your team and look for angel investors or apply for public funding.

We expect you to dedicate several hours per week into the building of your startup. We accept individuals as well as teams from any part of the world into this premium acceleration program. We are especially interested in e-commerce or e-service startups.

Most of the meetings take place in cyberspace. So, you can start any time you are ready, proceed at a pace that you find comfortable and build your startup according to your vision. We are here to help and support you through the process.


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Virtual Teaching

All of the lectures are delivered in videos and/ or podcasts. There are pdf files with further explanations, examples and other material. They should be read every week in conjunction with the videos and podcasts.

The participant should revise the material of the first section in the beginning of the week and then follow the instructions and complete the assessments. By the end of the week s/he should complete the assignments.

You can follow the instructions and complete the course on your own or you can opt for mentorship. In the second case, you should submit the assignments to the mentor for discussion.


If you opt for mentorship, you will be assigned a specific mentor/ advisor in the beginning of the program, who will follow you until the end! S/he will have an overall view of your progress and will be responsible for your development as a startup. In between sessions you will also get to meet other mentors who will help you progress in the different stages.

All mentorship sessions take place on Skype or Google Hangouts. The exact time and place is arranged individually between mentor and program participant. They last for more than two hours every week. Both parties are responsible for being prepared for the meetings.

Mentorship will cost £50 per session.


You should follow carefully the instructions for the existing assignments. All of the assignments are designed to accelerate your startup and they are strictly relevant to your interests.

Alternatively, you could request for alternatives. Precise assignments could be negotiated weekly with the mentors to fit with the needs and interests of startup. At this level, we expect you to complete them on time for the next meeting and to present accurate data to the mentor. 

There are also guidelines regarding the assignments that should be completed every week. These are only guidelines that may change depending on the stage of the startup.


You can attend our events at any time. You will get the chance to exchange ideas, find partners, collaborate with professionals, meet mentors and investors. We would like you to participate actively in them, as often as that is possible, so that you become an organic member of our growing community. However, they are not compulsory for the completion of the program.