Premium Acceleration Program

6-Week Premium Acceleration Program

Week 1: Lean Principles and Lean Canvas

During the first week we will attempt to reset your brain. You will learn how to develop a lean startup. We will set out the guidelines you will need to follow, while we will reset your brain in a way that it will become more entrepreneurial.

We will also teach you how to design the grand strategy of your startup in a single piece of paper!

Week 2: Customer Development

Early in the course you will learn how to find who your ideal customer is. First of all, we will teach you how to find them, talk to them face to face, and figure out if they are going to buy your product. We will give you tips that will help you recognise, if they are lying and what their true intentions are. We will also give you advice on how to find them online, instead of ‘hunting’ them down the road!

Week 3: Minimum Viable Product

Then you will create your own product. First of all, you may have to create a demo. This will be followed by a Minimum Viable Product, a prototype that you will be able to show to your customers. You will put together the product following the general guidelines of rapid prototyping. This way you will save a lot of money and time!

Week 4: Customer Validation and UVP

Once your MVP is in the hands of your customers, it will be the right time to validate your entire business. We will ask you to approach your customers and request for a firm commitment on their part. This will be a sign that they are your true customers.

At the same time, we will ask you to explore your Unique Value Proposition. What is your unique offer to your customers? How can you recognise it? How can you express it? This process will be the seed of your future marketing strategy.

Week 5: Monetisation and Pricing

It is high time that you will establish your monetisation model. How are you going to charge your customers and for what? How are they going to pay? What are their going to be their benefits?

Above all, what price levels are you going to set? This is essential for the direction your business is going to take.

Week 6: Funding

A high growth business can truly grow only if there is adequate funding. We will explore the possibilities of loans, grants and angel investment. Not every type of funding is appropriate to every business. Based on the information we will give you, you will be able to decide which funding is best for yours.