Virtual Startdom in 48 hours


Virtual Acceleration in 48 hours

We create a structured environment, with detailed instructions and teachings, that will help you validate your idea and launch your startup

Team bonding

You will bond with your co-founders that is, if you chose to have a team.


You will get the necessary leadership skills to drive your startup forward.


You will listen to the advice of experienced teachers and mentors.


You will get the tools to build a successful startup.


You will get the chance to meet with mentors.


You will focus on your startup.

You will learn the main principles of lean startup methodology.

You will find out how to validate your idea.

You will talk to your customers

You will try to sell your product.

You can launch in the privacy of your own space.


A series of videos

Exercises to be completed during the 48 hours

Tools to build your startup

Feedback on your progress by experienced mentors

How it works…

You contact us to purchase a package.

We send you the detailed program, which includes 7 vimeo videos and instructions for the exercises.

You complete the exercises in the allocated time.

You send us the results.

We assess your progress and give you feedback.

For those who purchase the advanced package, a mentor will discuss with you in person about your idea and your future plans.

All meetings take place on Skype or Google Hangout.

Contact us today for more information at

Basic Package: Price £50

Advanced Package (Includes Mentorship): Price: £100