Saturday 19th May 2018, 8:00-20:00.

Are you planning to launch a new service or product?

Are you looking for your first customer?

Do you need investment?

Even if you do not have an idea, would you like to work in a startup?

We will help you launch during a unique program that lasts only 12 hours. The accelerator for early stage startups will focus on learning how to build a Minimum Viable Product or Service and how to talk to your customers. At the end of the event you will get to pitch your idea to investors!

During the event, you will meet mentors who will support you in your future ventures, you will find potential partners for your startup, you will pitch in front of investors. The mentors have international experience in setting up startups and will provide insights into developing the idea. The investors will assess your progress at the end of the workshop and will decide, if they are going to invest.

Mentors and Investors include

Paul Muston, CEO of Musoft

Dr. Constantina Katsari, CEO of Startdoms

Jim Johnston, CEO of Access2View

Mark Seemann, CEO StaffCircle

Jagvir Purewal, IP Solicitor at Forresters

Aanisah Begg, Investment Manager in Midven Fund

and many others…

The accelerator is FREE for startups with an idea from Coventry and Warwickshire. In order to book a place, send an email me at

Apply on a first come, first served basis. We decided to keep the numbers low, so that you get our full attention. We will accept only 25 participants.


8:00-8:30 Registration

8:30- 8:45 Welcome

8:45- 9:00 Pitches and Voting

Pitches last 3-4 minutes each (presentation of the idea and the founder). They are followed by 2-3 questions. You may chose to work as part of a team or alone.

9:00-9:25 Lecture 1: Lean Principles

9:25- 9:40 Questions and Answers

9:40-10:00 Lecture 2: Lean Canvas

10:00-10:15 Questions and Answers

10:15-11:30 Exercise: During this time startups will get the chance to define the customer’s problem and explain how they intend to solve it. The lean canvas should help them in this process. They have an hour to fill the boxes and talk to the mentors.

11:30-11:45 Lecture 3: How to make a Minimum Viable Product

11:45-12:00 Questions and Answers from Mentors

12:00-13:00 Exercise: Startups will start designing the demo or Minimum Viable Product they intend to offer to their customers. The demo may be a design on a piece of paper or something more elaborate.

13:00-14:00 Lunch and chance for networking

14:00- 15:00 Continuing the Exercise: Refine the solution startups will offer to the customer’s problems. This solution may be presented in the form of a demo or MVP, depending on the stage of the startup.

15:00-15:20 Lecture 4: Basic Principles Customer Development

15:20-15:30 Questions and Answers

15:30-15:45 Real Exhibition of Customer Development

15:45-19:00 Exercise: Get out of the Building! We expect the startups to go out and find their customers. Alternatively, they could stay in the room to find customers over the internet. Each team should come back with 5-10 customer interviews.

19:00-20:00 The Pitch. This will be a simulation of a Dragon’s Den. There will be no dragons, though! Just helpful people who would like to see the results of hard work!

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