Funding For Businesses

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Get funding

Cash for high-growth, early-stage businesses and startups



High growth businesses come to us in order to raise funding

We valuate the business
We show you how to grow exponentially, without wasting any time or money
We help you write the business plan and cashflow
We teach you how to pitch
We present you to our Investors!
We expect you to raise from 50,000 to many millions!

With extensive experience on early stage businesses.
For the right Startup
for the Startups from the beginning.
for the startups who feel that need it.
for your business.
from professional bid writers.
in accordance to the grant.
as they become known.


More Cash

You need nothing more than an idea

We will direct you to the right public fund
We will help you with the paperwork
We will explain how to apply
We will guide you in writing your business plan
You can raise between 5,000 and 300,000 for your startup or established business


Cash Plus

Grow your business with a loan

We will find the right loan for you
We will help you with the application
We will create the business plan and cash flow
We will explain the terms and conditions
We will contact the bak or other relevant organisation
We will advise you on how to spend it in a productive way

for your business
without long term losses.
and conditions of the loan
to pay the loan back.
We are running the Venture Funding Hub Leicester in collaboration with the Crowdfunding Centre
for every step of the campaign
throughout the process
No Equity, No Interest Rates, No Matched Funding


Free Cash!

Get FREE cash with Crowdfunding

Pre-sell your products and services
Find the money to build and grow the business
We will arrange the details of the crowdfunding campaign
We will advise you on the best course of action
We will support you every step of the way


Best FREE Crowdfunding Resources here. It took us days to put the list together! Send Constantina a message ( and we will send you the password for full and unlimited access to the resources.