As you probably already know, we have been trying to help tech entrepreneurs in Leicester for the past three years. We started with Meetups that we organised sparingly, we opened Incubate for tech startups, and we ended up with Startdoms.

Startdoms is not only a Virtual Accelerator. It is also a Midlands organisation that attracts high growth businesses. In order to serve these businesses better, we decided to organise support groups in Leicester. These groups meet on Wednesdays at 18:00 at the Chapel Cafe, Bishop Street in Leicester.

Although there are talks and the inevitable networking, in actual fact, a lot of one-to-one mentorship is taking place on the spot! Startups, mentors and investors are eager to help local businesses thrive!

We would like to think of these Meetups as AA groups for serial entrepreneurs. The group is open to all tech entrepreneurs with an idea or a business.