Setting up Incubators and Accelerators in Businesses and Communities

Startup programs

Acceleration programs for startups at different stages. The programs may be completed in 2 days, 6 weeks, 12 weeks or 24 weeks, depending the maturity of the startup. We will provide online learning materials to complement mentorship. The programs are flexible and can be adjusted to the needs of the individual incubator. All of them aim at pushing startups from one stage to the next, until they become fully investable.

Advanced Growth Acceleration

We provide advanced learning for startups with high growth potential. Entrepreneurs are not born; they are made. Our programs help with the business development of your startups until they reach product/ market fit. The programs are structured in a way that move the startup forward, through the painful stages of building a business. The instructions are comprehensive and the learning material is easy to understand. The assignments are focused towards implementation rather than empty knowledge.

Learning Technology

Unique Virtual Acceleration Programs to be incorporated in any incubator. There are a lot of online programs out there that splash random information on the startups. Startdoms programs are the only ones that combine online teaching with face to face contact for better results. They have been designed by academics and entrepreneurs who have in-depth knowledge of the topic.

Support for Incubators *** Super flexible Growth Accelerator programs


We set up incubators/ accelerators

We put in place everything you need in order to set up your incubator or accelerator. We have long experience on startup incubation and spin offs. This intimate knowledge of the sector allows us to put an incubator into place within weeks! Afterwards, we will be support you every step of the way.

We will be here to help you also when you decide to update your incubator into an accelerator. Our growth acceleration programs will give you an edge in the startup community! The programs are easy to be run by mentors, entrepreneurs or managers of startup incubators. The online material (video lectures, podcasts, pdf files) is accompanied by detailed instructions and face to face mentorship.

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Core Function of Startdoms

Startdoms created a series of customisable acceleration programs for startups. These are virtual programs combined with in-house mentorship. Any Incubator that does not have its own acceleration courses can use ours to develop its startups. Contact us directly for a demo of the products. 

Startdoms' Acceleration Programs: Examples

Startdom Weekend

A 48-hour structured program that helps startups launch their idea. Over a weekend they learn how to talk to customers, build a rapid prototype and pitch in front of mentors/ investors. This program aims at teaching startups the most basic elements of building a business from scratch. At the same time, it gives them the confidence to launch and find out how the market will react to their product.


An intensive 6-week pre-accelerator program for startups with a scalable idea. In 6 weeks they learn the basic lean startup principles and how to implement them. They go through intense customer development with real clients as they start building their product. They also learn about funding and investment, in case they want to take that route. In the end, they will be able to apply for accelerator courses or they may decide to move forward and bootstrap their startup.


This is a 12 week accelerator program. It takes the startup through the different phases of business building. The program is carefully structured, so that the startups take their business to a different level every week. They move on from the original customer development, to the minimum viable product, to customer segmentation, to channel distribution, to monetisation. In the end, they become investable and ready to pitch in front of investors. The aim is to achieve market/ product fit and prove their scalability.

What People Say About Us

I run my own small creative business; crystallised , specialising in architectural 3d visualisations. Business was good but I felt it needed a fresh input to gather some traction & diversify my portfolio. I approached Startdoms, intrigued, having heard good things, but a little unsure whether they could help a more traditional non-tech business like mine: From what I heard, Incubate specialises in developing, testing, growing & scaling novel innovative, tech internet based ideas into a fully-fledged funded backed start-ups. I Had no new ideas, so the first event I attended “where do business ideas come from” was my attempt to deal with the fact that if your competing with other business (like me), there’s always going to be someone who can deliver faster and cheaper. This got me thinking on a new wavelength making sure to keep my mind open to how I could adapt my business, innovatively to beat the competition, utilise my expertise to find a gap in the market or even create one! Having wandered about new possibilities I decided I signed up to a few more events; I was able to meet lots of people & spread the word of my business. I picked up quite a few contacts & felt that I was starting to integrate into the community well. I was even able to offer my own insights, which I felt, were appreciated & valued. I even met a Start-up up group that hired me to do an architectural animation to promote their product! Having now met quite a few people, worked with them & familiarised myself with the community and their teachings I decided to attend the startdom weekend, which I heard was very intense. I was right & glad I was prepared; It started on Friday night and continued first thing on Saturday & Sunday mornings right through until the evening where we continued to brainstorm into the evening over drinks. During the daytime, everyone got a chance to pitch & pick the best ideas, forming groups with the help of the multi-disciplined experienced mentors. Lectures & assignments were given along with advice & feedback really streamlining & accelerating the process; so much so, that by the end of the weekend, our team was made and offer to form a partner ship with the founders of Incubate! Notebits was born. We are now going through an intense 3-month process of customer development; we will have interviewed 200 people by Christmas with 20 Early Adopters. The help of the mentors has helped direct the start-up along an accelerated, user-centric path, generating results quickly, providing feedback on the viability of our product & how exactly to adapt/pivot. Looking back, less than 3 months ago now, unsure if Startdoms would be compatible, I’m glad I made that decision. The skills and expertise I’ve picked up are transferable to my business. Ever since Google campus was built in London I’ve always thought “wouldn’t it be great to have the equivalent in Leicester” I really Appreciate the initiative of  Dr Constantina Katsari  and recommend it to any small - medium sized business even if your not predominantly tech based.  
Edward Woolley, Startup
I attended Startdom in Athens Greece. It was a great experience that gave me a deeper understanding on the Lean away, and get hands on right away. One of the most interesting things for me was the pitching part of the course, I got to test my pitching skills in a short time, and with real people and to see that I need to work more on that part. I learned also other practical things on to develop further the idea to a product, and on costumer development. Overall a great weekend, and you the get the opportunity to meet also lots of interesting people on the business.
Eurial Perlala, Software Developer, Freelancer, Entrepreneur, Athens Greece
The startdom was a good experience for creating and implementing ideas into real scenarios of starting up a venture. The two days were filled with an exciting feel of developing an idea from pitching to further developing the idea even after the startdom program if successful in the team progression. The best part of the program was to receive ideas from the mentors and enhancing skills of pivoting within the projects.
Vijyeta Parmar. Entrepreneur, Leicester UK