Entrepreneurial programs for Colleges and Universities

Entrepreneurship courses

We created modules for Departments who decided to create commercially viable products as part of their courses. Thus we promote student enterprise and innovation.

Flipped classes

We use the latest learning technology to help the teacher as well as the student create viable or scalable businesses


We created a custom Learning Management System that includes videos, assignments, instructions, direct communication tools.


We help students convert their casual logic into an effective one, as is appropriate for aspiring entrepreneurs. Our motto is Ready, Fire, Aim!

Super Flexible

Our programs are designed to fit your specifications, your teaching needs, your time limitations. We take all parameters into consideration in our design.

Advancing Enterprise

We work with university and college incubators who need to accelerate the progress of their startups and create investable businesses

We have been working with Universities and Colleges across the UK for the benefit of their students who want to create viable or scalable businesses


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Passion for teaching

We have been teaching for decades and we are passionate about the dissemination of knowledge, especially in entrepreneurship.

Advanced technology

We use advanced educational systems to personalise teaching and achieve optimal results. Technology is here to serve the teachers and the students.


We believe in learning by doing and we ask for the full engagement of the students, who are there to create their own businesses


We are a team of entrepreneurs, academics, developers, mentors and investors who believe strongly in spreading the entrepreneurial spirit across the country. We have extensive experience in entrepreneurship, as well as teaching in Further and Higher Education

  • We design entrepreneurial courses for Colleges and Universities
  • We use the latest learning and software technology to assist the process 
  • We have extensive experience in teaching either in a classroom or online 
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We believe that the world can change through entrepreneurship.

We use the flipped class technique in a way to engage students at a deeper level.

We believe in individual styles of learning that can be accommodated through technology

We are using the technology that the younger generation feels comfortable with.

We design all kinds of educational programs on entrepreneurship according to the needs of the students.

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