As we are preparing for Christmas Festivities, we have been thinking about the development of our local Startups. This year we started holding Meetups every week at the Chapel Cafe in Leicester. Every Wednesday Startups have a place to go, listen to lectures, get free mentorship, exchange ideas and pitch their business.

It came to our attention, though, that there are a lot of other conflicting Meetups in the neighbourhood on Wednesdays. So, we have taken the decision to change the day we hold them. We will continue holding them on Wednesdays until Christmas. In 2016, though, we will move them on Thursdays. This way we will give to all of our members to attend.

Also, I would like to remind the community that we will hold our Christmas dinner on 9th November. We will prepare a tasty and inexpensive buffet, accompanied by soft drinks and good company. It will be an opportunity to let go of stress and enter the Christmas spirit.