We finally made it! After several months of testing prices, startups, business models, programs and… our nerves, we created the perfect, most affordable way for bootstrapers to be accelerated.

We now have three online programs for early stage startups, starting at £50! The first one is only 50 pounds for 48 hours of acceleration. This is for people who want to test their idea, check out what entrepreneurship is all about, and find out how to launch a startup.

The second program las for 6-weeks and it is obviously more demanding than the first. It also takes you to a more advantage stage. It is designed for startups who want to achieve problem/ solution fit. That is, the clients recognise that they have a problem and like the solution you are offering them. During this program the startup will make the first sales and start defining the market.

The third program lasts for 12 weeks and is the crown to all accelerators. It takes the startups as close to product/market fit as possible. Let us face it. We all aspire to be in this position. This is the point when customers come back to us, bring their friends and… introduce us to their parents! I guess this is also how an investable startup looks like.

The programs are all virtual. This means that you can start any time you want. You can take them full time or part time. You do not need a team. Furthermore, you do not need to give out any of your precious equity!

I challenge you to find a similar acceleration program in this world! One that is affordable and produces results in such a short period of time!