About Startdoms

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Our story

We started organising meetups and events for startups and established businesses in January 2013 (UK and Greece) in an attempt to create an entrepreneurial ecosystem.

In the process of bringing together mentors, companies, startups and investors, we noticed that there was a need for advanced growth acceleration programs at the early business stages. So, we decided to create Startdoms, an Accelerator that would help entrepreneurs launch their products, and then accelerate the growth of their business.

In 2014 we noticed that a lot of businesses could not attend our meetings and workshops. So, we facilitated them with Virtual Acceleration Programs. By now, we have completed four different Learning Management Systems that could be used by any Incubator that wants to offer also growth acceleration.

What we are about

We are a team of experienced entrepreneurs, mentors, investors, academics, software developers and advisors with a passion for business growth and innovation.
  • We believe in creating high growth, innovative businesses 
  • We have a long experience in business building
  • We are committed to raising investment, public funding, crowdfunding or loans  
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So that the startups feel supported continuously
In order to increase the possibilities of success.
In order to assist the acceleration process.
So that you can create a successful team and learn how to do a startup from fellow entrepreneurs.
That will support your efforts
That will accelerate the growth of their startups
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The Team

Dr. Constantina Katsari, CEO

Constantina Katsari

Paul Muston, CTO

paul muston

Sam Larke, CFO

sam larke